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CAD's TV Show "Writers, Amazing Artists and Musicians" (WAM) created by Regina A. (Mack) Jones, showcases talent all over the world. It is our mission to promote disabled and non-disabled children, aged out foster care youth, senior citizens, veterans, burn survivors, and adult of all artistic genres globally. Over the years, we have told their stories, testimonies, challenges and helped producers, agents and directors find art and craft designers, painters, sculptors, actors, poets, spoken word artists, musicians, authors, script writers, song writers, choreographers, acrobats and other talented people of all cultures. The artists get to share their talent in more than 236 million households. Advertisers and Sponsors benefit well by supporting WAM. Artists can pitch to be Guest Hosts, attend artist residencies for several days, weeks or months to work on their crafts while staying at a cottage, in a cabin, hotel, home or retreat in their state or outside their city, state or country. They also can apply to have their artistic projects and community program/charitable cause supported. Viewers can vote for them to be selected and Funders and Sponsors can sign up to support their career study trip, artist residency, creative project or their cause. Each quarter, talent is selected and announced as a winner. They can submit a 2 to 5 minute video or link showcasing their talent and or pitching their project or community programs in need of support by emailing it to: to be viewed that will be shown to viewers and WAM staff every quarter. WAM also features telethons and uses money raised to support artists in hardships or lack support to produce their projects. The TV Hosts on WAM offer creative, inspirational and motivational moments every episode and a challenge for people to dance in their seats or get up and move to the WAM Theme Song. WAM is aired on The Now Network Friday's at 1:00pm and can be streamed, seen on cable television, mobile phone, YouTube and on other channels. CAD - Corporation for Artistic Development's CAD Showplace also produces films, stage productions, concerts, festivals, fashion, costuming and art exhibits, trainings, conferences and grant writing training.

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