Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

Help White Properties, CAD and Empowerment Z8ne to open a new training site with job placement on the block of 5770 Grand River Detroit, MI 48208 in several buildings. White Properties has put on the new roof and now we need the interior and exterior upgraded so we can bring exciting trainings, jobs, products and entertainment to the community. Email us to volunteer, partner or sponsor. itstimeforcad@gmail.com Internship and Volunteer Opportunities are available in Office Work, Multi-Media, and Fine Arts Exhibits and Workshops, Performance, Promoting and Production, Grant Writing Trainings,, Workshop Presentation, Community Service, Pop Up Businesses and more. The building will also feature boutiques, meeting places with tea and coffee cafes, entertainment, technology, media and music labs, CAD Love Hub Donation Center, which donates household, business, educational, artistic products and personal items, such as toiletries, food, apparel, wheelchairs, yard beautification and more.

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